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Easter International Cup Interested Teams

Teams that are interested in the 2021 Easter International Cup can register their interest here - where we will post interested teams.  Teams that are ready to apply to the tournament should use the links for the applications and those will be processed as well and will be added to this list. 

Applied teams are listed below and are included. 

Teams that register interest will receive information on the 2021 Easter International Cup, regular updates, notifications prior to deadlines, and added to the lists of interested teams for the tournament. This enables teams to see interested teams. This does not guarantee acceptance; but, does offer regular information and updates.  This is for teams and team contacts only.


International Teams Interest:   (International teams can only be accepted if US Soccer / CONCACAF approves international youth play for the spring in the USA).   UPDATE: INTERNATIONAL ENTRANTS WILL BE MOVED TO 2022 DUE TO - NO INTERNATIONAL YOUTH PLAY IN USA ACCEPTED IN SPRING OF 2021. 

Program/ Club            Boys  Girls Age Groups                      
York Jets SC (Canada) x   Under 13
Liga Cordica (Mexico) x x TBD
ITESM Prepa Tec (Mexico)  x x TBD
CEFUCA (Mexico)  x   Under 16,17, 19
Chivas San Pedro (Mexico)  x   Under 10,11,12,13,14
Chivas Gigantera (Mexico) x   TBD
Gavilanes FC (Mexico) x   Under 10,11,12,13
La Ceiba FC (Honduras)  x   TBD
Newlands United FC (South Africa) x   Under 13
Escuela de Futbol Sandoval (Peru) x   Under 11, 15
Play Soccer Malawi (Malawi) x x TBD
Escuela Internacional Sampedrana (Honduras) x x Under 19
CAR del Puerto (Mexico) x   Under 14, 16, 19
Pumas Oro Monterrey (Mexico)  x   Under 13,14, 15
Turin FC (El Salvador)  x   Under 16

Boys Teams: from USA  (LAST UPDATED: JAN 15)

Under 19 Under 17 Under 16 Under 15  Under 14  Under 13 Under 12 Under 11  Under 10 
GS Texans (LA) GS Texans (LA) JB Marine 05 (MO) GS Texans (LA)

Orlando City MLS Academy (FL)

Orlando City MLS Academy (FL)

Miami Rush Kendall SC (FL) GS Texans  (LA)

Total Futbol Academy 2011 (CA) 

Arlington Rush (TX) Jacksonville FC (FL)  Strikers of GC (NC) Dynamo CDP 06 White (TX)  Inter Miami MLS Academy (FL) Inter Miami MLS Academy (FL)  Inter Miami MLS Academy (FL) HSP 10 (FL) Houstonians 2011 (TX)
UFA Lawrencville (GA)  Clearwater Chargers MLS Next (FL) Miami Rush Kendall 05 MLS NEXT (FL) Chicago United SC 06 (IL) Achilles FC 07 MLS Next (MD)  Philadelphia Union MLS Academy (PA) Philadelphia Union MLS Academy (PA) Academia Método Coira (FL) CDA Slammers FC (CA) 
I10 Alliance (FL) Inter United 04 Bradford (TX)  California Azzurri FC 05 Blue (CA)  Clearwater Chargers MLS Next (FL) Nashville SC MLS (TN) Nashville SC MLS(TN) 

Queen City Mutiny MLS Next (NC)

Jupiter United (FL) Solar South Garcia (TX)
FC Europa (NJ) Chicago United SC 04 (IL) HSP 05 (FL) South Shore FC (NY) Miami Rush Kendall SC MLS Next (FL) GS Texans (LA) Jacksonville FC (FL)  Rayos Hernandez (TX)  Indiana Elite (IN)
Jacksonville FC (FL) Gladiadors FC (IL) HSC Dortmund (PA) Jacksonville FC MLS NEXT (FL)  Real Jersey MLS Next (NJ) Louisiana Fire 08 Red (LA)  Clearwater Chargers MLS Next (FL) Alpha Forms 10 (TX) Ambassadors FC (FL)
Clearwater Chargers MLS Next (FL) I10 Alliance (FL) Jacksonville FC (FL)  Learwater Chargers (FL) Chicago United SC 07 (IL) Jacksonville FC MLS Next (FL)  SCS United (PA) Total Futbol Academy 10 (CA) FC Tampa Aguilas (FL)
Inter Development Futbol (NC) Schultz Academy (FL) Clearwater Chargers MLS Next (FL) East Coast FC (NY) Real Salt Lake AZ N (AZ) Tampa Bay Rowdies MLS Next (FL) PSG Academy Plantation 09 (FL)  Tampa Bay Rowdies Pre MLS (FL) Jupieter United (FL)
Dania USA United (FL)  Clearwater Chargers 05 (FL)   Erie Admirals Force (PA) Jacksonville FC MLS Next (FL)  Lanier SA MLS Next (GA)  PSG Academy Plantation 09 - 2 (FL)  Miami Rush Kendall Pre MLS (FL)

GS Texans (LA)

San Antonio Corinthians (TX)    Apple Valley Storm Elite 05 (CA) Villareal Virginia (VA)  FC Delco MLS Next (PA) Hunter's Creek SC (FL) GS Texans (LA)    ANSA 11 (TX)
Soccer Centro (TX)   Dania USA United (FL) California Rush 06 Cinza (CA) Clearwater Chargers MLS Next (FL) PSC 08 (LA) Ambassadors FC (FL)    Alpha Forms 11 (TX)
    Arsenal FC (CA)  Miami Rush Kendall SC MLS Next (FL) Lanier SA MLS Next (GA) Bloomington United Elite (MN) Academia Método Coira (FL)    
    MSA Guerreros 05 (TX)  Tampa Bay Rowdies MLS NEXT (FL) Queen City Mutiny MLS Next (NC) Miami Rush Kendall SC MLS Next (FL) Jupiter United (FL)    
    Parkland SC (FL) Soccer Centro 06 (TX) Tonka Fusion Elite 07  (MN) FC Delco MLS Next (PA) Tamba Bay Rosdies Pre MLS (FL)    
    Wellington SC 05 (FL)   ST Louis FC MLS NEXT 07 Academy (MO) ST Louis FC MLS NEXT 08 Academy (MO) Maimi Rush Kendall Pre MLS (FL)    
    I10 Alliance (FL)   tampa Bay Rowdies (FL) Albion Hurricanes FC 08 ECNL (TX)  Soccer Centro 09 (TX)    
        Texas Tigres (TX)  Braden River 08 Premier (FL)      

 Girls Teams:  from USA

Under 19 Under 17 Under 16  Under 15  Under 14  Under 13 Under 12  Under 11 Under 10
GS Texans (LA) GS Texans (LA) GS Texans (LA) GS Texans (LA) GS Texans (LA) GS Texans (LA) GS Texans (LA) GS Texans (LA)

GS Texans (LA)

FFC United (GA)  Real Olimpico (CO) Beachside Impact (FL) San Angelo Extreme 06 (TX)  Ascension Flight SC (LA) Washington Capital United (DC) FC Dallas Youth 09 White (TX)  Jupiter United (FL) Jupiter United (FL)
Mays Strikers 03 Premier (GA)      Central FL SC 06 Fire (FL)  South Shore FC (NY)  East Texas FC (TX) Jupiter United (FL)    
  Sunrise Prime ECNL (FL)     Latham Saints (NY) Jupiter United (FL)      
  RSL AZ South 04 McCoy (AZ)     Jupiter United (FL)