Team Registration - Check in information

2022 Easter International Cup information for participating teams

NOTE: Schedules and Bracketing will be out by March 30th - and will be posted on the Website.   



ALL TEAMS MUST FOLLOW THE Online Team Check in instructions below which is also posted on the website.  If teams do not check in online, as posted, they will be required to check in at tournament headquarters on Wednesday April 13 the first day of the tournament) and pay a $50 late fee.  Teams will not be eligible to play without a stamp approved roster from check in. 


Online Team Check in:   (International teams will complete tournament check in directly with Daniel Padilla at


              Deadline to upload all documents: April 4th Monday at Midnight

You will upload documents (ideally PDF's but jpg's are acceptable) into GOTSoccer (not GOTSport) all the following for Team Check in:

A) Official State Roster / or/ US Club Soccer Roster / MLS NEXT (MLS NEXT Rosters with player photo), or National organization roster (if other) : with all players that will be playing on the roster - with uniform numbers on the rosters [the rosters must be uploaded – we do not use the GOTSoccer generated rosters that some registrations systems use]- upload the roster. 

NOTE:  Guest players - can be written in on the rosters:  all players need to have uniform numbers on the  rosters.  Guest players must have player card, medical release, and guest player form from your state association if required.

B)  Covid 19 Protocol and Liability Release form:  This is posted on the website as well as HERE

              All families and staff must sign

C) Player ID cards- from a national/ state soccer governing body – such as USSSA, USYS State Associations, SAY Soccer, and US Club Soccer.  (NOTE: MLS NEXT teams are not required to have player cards per MLS Next policies but should have the player photo on the roster in lieu of the card)   

D) For teams outside of Florida:  Permission to travel per your national association policies if required. (note: US Club Soccer and USSAA rostered teams do not need permission to travel forms per their national association rules).  

E) Teams will receive a stamped roster in return which they will need print 6 copies and bring to all matches.   This will be emailed to the listed PRIMARY CONTACT on the GOTSoccer tournament team registration- if this needs to be a different person, please update your GOTSoccer application information. 


Game Procedures:  Teams will be responsible for having all rosters/ player cards/ medical releases.  Team will provide a stamped tournament roster to the game officials of each game in addition to the player/ coach cards .  Teams must be at the fields with all documents a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the matches.

Field Map:  Posted on the website:

Parking: Austin Tindall Sports Complex will charge $5 daily parking rate – this will be with a daily pass that allows for in/out privileges.  Omni Championsgate will charge $10 daily parking rate with in/out privileges (the Omni parking pass will be accepted at Austin Tindall on the same day).  There is no parking fees at Northeast Regional Park.   

Rules:  Rules are posted on the website - click HERE  NOTE: per the sanctioning, governing bodies, players cannot "play down"/ "bio band" in younger age groups, regardless of if they are rostered on the team - all players must be in their age groups - or can play up to older age groups. 

Tournament Headquarters:  This is at Austin Tindall at the main building between fields “A” and “4” on the field map (not the building by the Stadium field)



Easter International Cup Staff